It’s official! Upon receiving many requests from you to provide another venue to serve our fellow Pinoy brothers and sisters who find it challenging to visit our branch in Quezon City, this Antipolo location is our answered prayer. Construction has begun on this Junior to 75 Kg adult track, once again featuring Ekartraceway’s signature elevated track portion to educate, invigorate, and introduce the art of driving to the whole family while having safe and serious fun with us.

For your convenience, the East Gate commercial complex is connected to the new Antipolo eastbound LRT2 last station in Masinag, all the way from Recto and the university belt. It’s just steps away from the Antipolo Public Transport Hub, with plenty of “FREE” parking for ease of access.

Stay tuned for the exact opening date, before the end of 2023.

Other locations are also in the works.